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10 Signs you May have a Thyroid Disorder

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The thyroid is responsible for some major functions in our body. Functions of thyroid hormone include controlling our metabolism, regulating body weight, determining our energy levels, supporting the health of our brain, muscles and organs. It even impacts fertility. There are many different types of hypothyroidism so it is important to work with an experienced doctor to identify and treat your unique hormone profile.

There are several signals from your body that your thyroid is not working properly.

10 Signs You Have Hypothyroidism:

1. Fatigue

We should wake up feeling well rested and energized every morning. We should have ample energy to get us through the day without stimulants. If you struggle with fatigue, you should have your thyroid evaluated by an experienced doctor.

2. High Cholesterol

Cholesterol that does not respond to diet, exercise or even medication can be a sign of hypothyroidism. It is crucial to treat the root cause of cholesterol.

3. Weight Gain

Unexplained weight gain can be a sign of a thyroid disorder. This is related to insulin resistance as described above. If you've not changed your workout routine or eating habits, but continue to gain weight, please have your thyroid examined.

4. Constipation

The most common type of digestive disturbance in hypothyroidism is constipation. If you are dependent on fiber supplements, stool softeners or laxatives you should speak with your doctor to find the root cause of your constipation.

5. Bloating

Thyroid hormone is needed to make hydrochloric acid (the stomach acid that helps you absorb nutrients). That means without it you can’t break down food to get all the nutrients you need to heal your hypothyroidism. There are many different ways thyroid disorders can affect the gut. SIBO is very common in hypothyroid patients. f you have gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or other gut symptoms then this may be due to hypothyroidism

5. Mood: Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can result from thyroid disease. Sometimes depression is a missed hypothyroid diagnosis .

6. Muscle Aches & Joint Pain

Aching joints, poor workout recovery, weakness in your limbs and numbness/tingling are all symptoms related to thyroid dysfunction.

7. Hair Loss & Dry Skin

Hair loss is a common symptom of a low functioning thyroid.

8. Dry Skin

Dry, brittle hair and nails are also observed in hypothyroidism. Skin that is dry and scaling is also a symptom of hypothyroidism.

9. Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Imbalances (or Pre-diabetes) in individuals with otherwise healthy lifestyles, diet and exercise routines may be due to thyroid imbalance. Some noticeable symptoms of insulin resistance include feeling "hangry" or ravenous, experiencing strong carbohydrate cravings, feeling hungry even after eating a meal, and weight gain primarily around the belly.

10. Menstrual Irregularities & Infertility

Irregular timing, abnormal bleeding, painful cramping or missing periods may be due to your thyroid. If your menses are irregular, you will likely find yourself struggling to conceive. Balancing thyroid hormone can help to balance all the other hormones in the body.

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