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IV and Injection Therapy

IV nutrient therapy is a way of getting vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other beneficial nutrients directly into the bloodstream to tissues that need it most. This process bypasses the digestive tract, and is very helpful for individuals with digestive issues who may not be absorbing  or tolerating oral supplementation. Another benefit of IV therapy is that much higher doses can be given intravenously than what can be absorbed by the digestive tract.  This is great for individuals with long term deficiencies or chronic disease that may benefit from high dose nutrients. Intravenous administration allows for efficient utilization of necessary nutrients. Dr. Wills customizes nutritional IV blends and injections for her patients depending on their nutritional needs and health concerns. 

Call today to see if IV nutritional therapy can help you. 

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  energy - detoxification - anxiety - rehydration - anti-aging - heavy metal toxicity - inflammation - weight loss  

 immune support - PMS - autoimmunity - surgical healing - migraines - athletic performance - wellness

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